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Battling Briefs 3

DOP: 05/18/1994 BOUT 1: JIMMY DEAN VS. FLYING TIGER COLLINS Arrogance! When told that Flyer Tiger Collins flew all the way west for a match especially with Jimmy and that he as going to kick Jimmy’s ass, Dean laughed. Shouldn’t have laughed because Jimmy was taught a good wrestling lesson in the first fall (which he lost) and well into the second. When Jimmy throws on his signature figure 4 leg lock Collins reverses and gets out of it. A frustrated Jimmy then resorts to his other signature move: grabbing a fist full of his opponent’s balls through the back of his wrestling trunks. From Collins’ submission to that “hold” through the 3rd fall, which Dean takes with his figure 4, Collins is toast. To add to Collins’s misery, Dean adds an over the knee backbreaker, strips and chokes out Collins with his own trunks and then J/O’s over his inert body. Hot match. Very Jimmy!

BOUT 2: MIKE O’BRYAN VS. BILLY POWELL Both these guys are excellent wrestlers and this was a showdown of sorts, to see who was the better wrestler. Clearly the winner here is Mike O’Bryan. He outclasses Billy in every respect including obtaining at least five submissions along the way. Billy runs out of steam long about the 4th submission. This is a hard wrestling, hard fighting all-out freestyle wrestling match. Mike has to work for his submissions; they don’t come easy. But he does get them.

BOUT 3: MARK WEST VS. TONY MONROE 3 Falls, all to Mark. First fall: Mark in gym shorts, Tony in a singlet. Second fall: wrestlers in briefs. 3rd fall: Nude. Mark wanted to wrestle Tony, more for the turn-on than anything else. With Tony’s virtually zero percent fat, Mark wanted to feel up that well defined body within a wrestling context. And he delights in it. Mark uses Tony as a wrestling toy – pushing him this way and that – slapping holds on him when he desires. Feeling up Tony’s muscles when Tony is immobilized. Mark gushes his load after the 3rd submission while Tony looks on.

BOUT 4: JOHN ST. JAMES VS. BOBBY DOUGLAS All out freestyle wrestling provided by two very knowledgeable wrestlers who have had extensive school experience. Watching this fast paced match between two expert wrestlers is a total delight. John seems to have the edge and gains the most submissions.



FULL CAST LIST: Billy Powell, Bobby Douglas, Flying Tiger Collins, Jimmy Dean, John St. James, Mark West, Mike O'Bryan, Tony Monroe
STUDIO: BG Enterprise Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling