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Bait Tricked Hero

Ruthless Rotine (played by a baleful, and skin-crawlingly sinister Jobe Zander) slinks out of the shadows, a black clad wrongdoer with billowing cape and spider-like fingers, ever grasping and groping in his inky lair. This dark destroyer of goodness has much to celebrate tonight, for handsome hero Haze is in his grip at last.

Haze (portrayed by a determined Derek Fox) looks to be every inch the unbeatable hero. From his uncompromising ass to his brilliantly exposed, rock-hard trunk of a torso, this masked man is not one to mess with. But looks can be deceiving, and Haze is bound, totally at the mercy of the insidious Rotine, who uses never before seen technology to overpower the weakened warrior, reducing him to a mere puppet.

Yet simply having Haze isn't nearly enough for the shadowy scoundrel. He wants Bullet...and he'll stop at nothing to add the unsuspecting hero to his collection of dwindling destroyers.

Bullet (Tyler St. James, appearing in a stunningly revealing silver lycra) leaps onto the scene, massive abdominal muscles standing out like stars in the night sky, eager to assist his friend. It's a well-laid trap for the well-hung hero, and Haze is the alluring bate. All too soon Haze turns on his comrade, sapping his strength by way of a chemical foam applied with great force to Bullet's bulging netherrod...the very source of his powers. Soon Bullet is bound and hanging from the ceiling, every inch of his perfect body tense and ready for torture. It's not just physical torment Rotine has in mind, but a bewildering psychological abuse he's been saving for this special pair of muscle-puppets.

"Tell Bullet some of the things you told me..." hisses Rotine, a serpent in Haze's ear. Even under Rotine's control, Haze is unable to express his secret feelings for Bullet, so he shows them instead. In an almost languorous manner we are treated to the stimulating sight of Haze's huge, caressing hands working the incapacitating foam into the weakened hardbody, paying special attention to his curving ass, pecks, and pits, until his every muscle stands out like a Herculean, marble statue bathed in a sea of blinding whiteness.

"He clearly has some fight in him," says Rotine, as the foam-drenched beast is untied. "Beat it out of him!"

The two comrades fight, finger-locked and furious, splattering foam in every direction, as Haze works the substance even deeper into the curves and crevices of Bullet's lycra covered frame. Haze buries his face in his combatants ass and crotch, focusing on the source of his power...

Ball grabbing, nipple biting, and rough rope beating from Rotine spiral into a suck session, where both beautiful battlers service each other's jackhammers in a trance-like state of eroticism.

Will Haze and Bullet manage to escape from the clutches of Rotine, or will they be forced to act out the mega-villian's twisted fantasies for all eternity?



FULL CAST LIST: Brad Boyer aka Jobe Zander, Derek Fox, Tyler St. James
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
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