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Doc Kok Rocks! 2

When a distress signal is sounded, our hard heroes respond to the call of duty with urgency and bravery... after first suiting up slowly and seductively. Watch with voyeuristic pleasure as Dante Martin strips away his mortal clothes, revealing a body so flawless in it’s action figure-like musculature you’ll be hard pressed to turn your eyes away. Pumping music accompanies the limb-by-limb super suit application, executed with so sensually you’ll practically feel the cool lycra stretching over your skin as Martin runs his fingers over the finished product. From the moment he hears the distress signal it takes Martin nearly ten minutes to seductively attire himself... perhaps this is why so many of our hero’s missions seem to go awry! In any case, Martin transforms into Bolton, and away he goes.

Poisonous gas is his undoing, as it has been for so many heroes before him. Our hero squad should really invest in some gas masks... but if they did, we wouldn’t get the glorious scenario that follows…

Doc Kok (Logan Scion, replacing Jason Striker for the sequel) slinks out of the shadows to torture and torment the sexy hero by way of electrical currents that leave Bolten weak and pliable. After all that effort in attiring himself, poor Bolten finds himself stripped and straddled by the sadistic villain, who spins the hot-bodied boy on a swivel stool, glorious armpits exposed, abdominals ready to the beating he is sure to receive. Said beating leaves the hero breathless, but not too weak to give in to his deepest desires. Watch in ecstasy as Martin/Bolten services his mammoth meatrod with lips parted in purest sexual tenderness, spitting on his cum cannon with expert marksmanship and pumping away until he erupts like a volcano in heroic fashion.

It’s easy to see why villains are obsessed with Bolten. The camera loves him, and you will too.



FULL CAST LIST: Dante Martin, Logan Scion
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander
Cum Shots
SuperHeroes vs Villains