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Captain Military Meets His Match

An infuriated Captain Military discovers a boneyard filled with his recently obliterated team mates! Who could do this? Filled with rage, Captain is interrupted by the evil Gabe Steel, who gleefully taunts our hero, taking pride in his destruction of Captain Military’s brigade.

That’s all Cap needs to hear, he grabs Gabe by the neck and chokes him to the ground, using a rope to squeeze the life out of the Villain. He stretches out the body of the buff and beefy bad guy, and showcases every evil (but beautiful) muscle, and they are only being contained by his purple spandex suit (including a mysterious rip near our bad guy’s giant package). The Cap is relentless in his revenge, he pounds Gabe’s abs mercilessly and twists his neck to the point of breaking!

Thinking that Gabe is knocked out, Cap tries to save his dead buddies bones to bring them home to their families. But, the evil Gabe fakes him out and comes up from behind to enact his own brand of retaliation to the studly Captain! He humiliates Cap by using one of his comrades bones to choke him out! Then he methodically tortures him by nearly breaking his leg, and then serves his own brand of neck torture and adds a cranium squeeze. Gabe Steel is not playing around!

The two studs go back and forth, each one trying to destroy each other. Cap tries to break the villains back with a vicious reverse bearhug, followed by a boston crab that has Gabe nearly bent in half. But, remember that little rip we mentioned? Well, that is the secret power of Gabe Steel and it is the Super Power of the Bulge!! In a last ditch effort to survive, the Villain of Steel rips his suit open and reveals the holy grail of groins to Captain Military.

He releases this mesmerizing power on Cap, and it brings about a surge of severe pain, bringing Cap to his knees and rendering him powerless! With each magical thrust of his giant package, Steel traps Cap in a series of humiliating holds, choking, slamming, punching and pinning our hero to the ground!

The Captain has no chance against this evil Monster and his magical cock!

Then, the lowly Captain is stretched in two, the evil Gabe obviously very happy, as he takes in the view of each tantalizing muscle being pulled beyond their limit. Unfortunately for Cap, our Bad Guy’s obvious passion for bulges is not just for his own sexy centerpiece, as he bashes and busts the Military Man’s package. To add insult to injury, Gabe delivers a devastating boot to the balls, causing our hero to wail in pitiful pain! Again and again, he unleashes the evil power of the bulge on the Captain, leaving him a shivering pile of muscle on the floor.

All this dirty domination leaves our hero pleading for his own life! But will Gabe Steel show mercy and kindness? Or will Captain Military go and join his friends on the other side!?



FULL CAST LIST: Austin Cooper, Gabe Steele
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Muscle Hunks
SuperHeroes vs Villains