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Captain USA vs The Dastardly Duo

Our masked American hero, Captain USA is on the look out for the Dark Lord and his evil servant, the small but mighty Bad Cock. And he finds them! The villains gleefully challenge him to a duel and Dark Lord sends his horse hung henchman to destroy our Hero!

Bad Cock attacks immediately, tossing the Hero over his shoulders, but Captain retaliates by throwing the mighty minion across the field.

USA then attempts to attack the Dark Lord, but Bad Cock returns and unleashes a flurry of heavy low blows to the big bulge of our hero, following it up with vicious chops to his chest, and some extra painful nipple torture!

Dark Lord then tries to take the lead in the torture, threatening to unmask Captain USA and reveal his identity to the world! Again, the hero gets loose and the Dark Lord shows his cowardice as he for begs for mercy and pleads for Bad Cock to come to his rescue!

Badcock rushes back into the frey, and locks onto the hero like a pint sized vice! They stretch Cap to his limits, leaving him open for more vicious kicks and punches to his beautiful gut!

Cap does his best to retaliate! He grabs the duo in double bear hug, squeezing the life out of them in his massive arms, and follows it up by tossing Bad Cock aside and locking the Dark Lord in a fantastic figure four lock! As the Dark Lords screams in pain, Bad Cock sneaks up and delivers a dastardly choke hold to Cap, while Dark Lord repays him with a thunderous low blow to the heroes giant bulge!

Again, our brave hero tries to fight back, this time trapping both of them in double choke, but this too proves futile, and the cheating villains continue their devilish destruction of the beautiful Captain! They utterly humiliate him, stripping him out of his super suit and leaving his beautiful body vulnerable to even more torture! With Dark Lord mocking Cap relentlessly, Badcock uses his awesome American abs as a punching bag, bringing Captain USA to his knees! Badcock then destroys his heroic package, making Captain USA his total bitch! Dark Lord takes it further with some devastating knee drops to Cap’s manhood, making sure our handsome hero will be suffering red, white and blue-balls!

The Dastardly duo pin him down, rip away his mask and reveal to the world that Captain USA Is the All American Stud - Austin Cooper!

All alone, stripped of his power, beaten to a pulp, our hero writhes in agony, his beautiful body bound only in a baby blue bikini, his eyes wide and full of fear! This only makes the Villains attack him even harder! Poor Hero! What more devilish delights do the Dastardly Duo have in store for Captain USA’s defeat? We can’t wait to find out and neither will you!



FULL CAST LIST: Austin Cooper, Dimitri Darkthorn, Ricky Vegas
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks
SuperHeroes vs Villains