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Cloned Out

Will the real Lightning please stand up!?

Lighting 1 and Lightning 2 meet for the first time and the trust between them is quickly destroyed. There is only one Lightning, and the other must be a clone!!

Blake Starr and Dimitry Darkthorne truly look like superhero twins, as their ripped bodies and giant bulges are thinly covered in their yellow and black super suits. Who is bad? Who is good? Let’s find out.

The Lightnings’ engage in a pose off to see which one of them is truly the hero we all know and love. This leads to some cheap shots to the gut and finally the two fall to the mat and engage in a test of strength! They roll around striking each other’s abs of steel and beautiful chests. Neither believes the other and they realize that one of them will have to be destroyed, hopefully it’s the real clone and not our superhero Lightning!

One Lightning straddles the other and delivers a vicious blow to his balls! Then he locks him up and tortures his abs, package and chest!

Then the tables are turned and the other Lightning traps the other Lightning (you still able to follow this?) and attacks, showing off their beautiful bodies while enduring more devious destruction, especially their bulges, which seem to be growing by the minute!

Next, both Lightnings’ attack each other’s supersuits and a sexy strip down of each other follows, punctuated with vicious chops to their chests and cheap low blows to the others cloned crotch until both are basically in the bodybuilding buff, with nothing but skimpy black and yellow thongs!

The two “Heroes” keep at it, back and forth, each getting some devastating destruction to each other and you’ll be jerking off trying to figure just WHO is the clone and and WHO is the real Lightning! And most of all, who will win this match!?



FULL CAST LIST: Blake Starr, Dimitri Darkthorn
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks
SuperHeroes vs Villains