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Young Musclestuds Wrestling 2

BOUT #1: CORBY BANNING VS. CHRIS DURAN Corby: 6`, 185#, Green Eyes, Black hair, 22 Chris: 5`9", 185#, Green Eyes, Blond hair, 25 Corby Banning appears in yellow trunks and black wrestling boots, Chris in orange trunks and white boots. Corby, the proverbial good guy is tall, dark and handsome with a nice, not overly built muscular body. Chris Duran, on the other hand, has a very ripped muscular compact body, long hair, and a little bit of a quirky manner.
BOUT #2: DENNIS RIKER VS. CLlFF CONLIN Dennis: 6`1", 195#, Green Eyes, Brown hair, 23 Cliff: 5`10", 175#, Brown Eyes, Brown hair, 19 Dennis Riker wears deliciously form fitting Andreas Cahling "aqua blue" posing trunks and white wrestling boots. Cliff Conlin appears in red speedos and black boots. Gentlemen, Dennis Riker is a tall, dark, and handsome grappler, but he has much more including a ripped physique, obvious assets unfortunately hidden under those trunks, and instinctively good wrestling ability.
BOUT #3: DEVIN POWERS VS. TODD PORTER Devin: 6`, 180#, Blue eyes, Black hair, 24 Todd: 6`, 208#, Green eyes, Blond hair, 22 Tall, dark and devilishly handsome Devin Powers comes into the ring wearing print trunks and white boots. Todd`s in yellow trunks and white boots. Todd muscles Devin to the mat. With almost a 30# weight and muscle advantage, Devin Powers, from start to finish (except for a brief moment of victory ,in the second fall) is simply out muscled, outclassed.
BOUT #4: THE JUNGLE STUD VS. DENNIS RIKER Jungle Stud: 5`9", 180#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 26 Every now and then a wrestling character comes along that has the potential to make a major impact. Jungle Stud is certainly one of them. His first victim: Dennis Riker. And victim he is. Jungle Stud makes mince meat of him. Dennis is the victim of every nasty trick in the book and more. BOUT #5: ROBIN KING VS. GARY DE ANGELO Robin: 5`10", 190#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 24 Gary: 5`9", 195#, Brown hair, Blue eyes, 28 Robin King, with a blond/blue-eye California surfer/bodybuilder look, appears in the ring in blue trunks and white boots. De Angelo, with an East Coast Italian look, appears in yellow trunks and white boots.



FULL CAST LIST: Chris Duran, Cliff Conlin, Corby Banning, Dennis Riker, Devin Powers, Gary Deangelo, Jungle Stud, Robin King, Todd Porter
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Pro Wrestling