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Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 5

BOUT #1: JOHNNY LIGHTNING VS. ED HARTE: LIGHTNING: 5'10",190#, 21. HARTE: 5'9", 220#, 28. Johnny Lightning, a blond/blue eye with choir boy looks but the wrestling style of a devil. Ed Harte, a mountain of defined muscle. The potential of a bout like this is mind-boggling. Harte, in form fitting white trunks, vigorously loosens up; flashes some muscle crunching poses. Lightning, in orange trunks and not to be outdone, does the same. Uncharacteristically Harte opens up as the aggressor. He arm-drags Lightning to the mat, sets him up for a clothesline, and then secures him in a from the rear wraparound body scissors. Johnny is then tied up in the ropes, worked over, and again clotheslined. A leg tie-up, an attempted but failed double hammer, another clothesline. Harte applies a single hammer, in combination with a leg tie-up. With his one remaining free hand Lightning gropes upward, manages to get his hand around Harte's throat and throws him off. A well placed elbow drop, a tougher body slam, and a chest high body scissors in combination with an arm bar securely ties up Harte while Johnny recovers. Once Johnny does he gives Harte a wrestling lesson. Harte never recovers. He ends up draped over Johnny's back, his arms fully secured. Lightning spins him around slowly, letting us view Harte's magnificent, helpless body from all angles.

BOUT #2: DIRK SHANNON VS. JOHN ST. JAMES: 5'11",180#, 25. ST. JAMES: 5'7",145#, 24. Dirk is a very muscular, quirky wrestler with an active imagination who loves to grapple. He enjoys inventing different kinds of approaches to wrestling holds & maneuvers. He loves even more to squash his opponents, to make them suffer. Dirk can take it, too. He has the stomach, the will, the aggressiveness to come out a continuous winner. As usual, John St. James eschews wrestling boots preferring to grapple only in form fitting yellow trunks. Dirk appears in yellow trunks and white wrestling boots. Dirk Shannon doesn't hesitate to pull hair, choke a throat, rake a chest along the ropes, or do whatever else is necessary to reverse any bad situation he finds himself in.

BOUT #3: BEAU HOPKINS VS. VIC SILVER: HOPKINS: 5'11",200#, 21. SILVER: 5'7",190#, 33. Beau appears in his ever sexy orange trunks - the trunks that outline his cock and ride up his ass. Vic looks fantastic in form fitting purple speedos, Vic lays Beau out with a wonderful drop-kick, then with a punch to the gut. Beau bounces up, the ever eager look on his rookie face, anxious for more. He gets it. At one point, Vic reaches down to his laid out prone body, dusts him off, waits for him to get up. Vic throughout this bout neatly accentuates the veteran/rookie status with several humiliating gestures like this one. Beau is pounded, stretched, bent, pulled, thrown, poked, hoisted, squeezed, and humiliated. And he looks so good taking it.

BOUT #4: JEFF STEEL VS. MATT CULLEN: STEEL: 5'10", 203#, 22. CULLEN: 5'11", 210#, 29. Jeff comes into the ring wearing very skimpy red briefs which leave half his ass hanging out. Matt is wearing a fuller cut of red trunks but which still manage to ride up his bodybuilder butt. The only thing Jeff has to really worry about is this body builder's great potential strength, and when Jeff ends up draped over his shoulder in a backbreaker yelling out his submission ending the second fall it definitely starts to look like worry time. So what do you do with a slow, rookie muscular giant? Put him to sleep for real. Jeff Steel does!

BOUT #5: JIMMY DEAN VS. ROCKY JAMES: DEAN: 5'10",160#, 19. JAMES: 5'8",173#, 22. When Jimmy secures a standing full nelson on Rocky and starts to pour on the pressure he asks James to submit. Rocky declines, but when Jimmy picks him up and starts spinning him in this same hold Rocky suddenly reaches his decision. It is, "I give"! When Rocky James suddenly comes to life in the second fall and has Jimmy, for the first time, in a little trouble, Dean makes sure he keeps control with a shot square to Rocky's balls. For Rocky James it's all downhill from there as Dean goes on to totally annihilate him.



FULL CAST LIST: Brian Warlin, Chuck Young, Dirk Shannon, Eric Sinclair, Jimmy Royce, Mickey J, Rod Hammer
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Oil Wrestling


Scene 1, CHUCK YOUNG VS. MICKEY J. (27:01 min)
Young: 5'11",185#, 25 yo. Mickey J: 5'8",175#, 26 yo. In the third fall Young has bitten Mickey J not once, but twice, he has slapped him around, head bashed him into the mat as well as on the body, and almost forced him to kiss his own knee. Just preceding his victory with a surfboard Young goes virtually berserk. He is yelling at the top of his lungs, banging his head with his own hands, telling Mickey to make him "feel some pain." Mickey J. is totally intimidated and ends up on his stomach helpless in a surfboard hold while Chuck's foot rests in the crack of his ass. Then Chuck's foot slips a bit and it is his toe now that is in Mickey's ass crack. A very sexy finish to a wild and wooly matchup.


Scene 2, DIRK SHANNON VS. ROD HAMMER (26:47 min)
Shannon: 5'11",180#, 25. Hammer: 5'8",185#, 25. Rod, wearing a thong, has lost some 20# since his dance appearance and it shows in his ripped muscularity. Dirk, with a ripped physique himself, comes into the oil ring attired in full cut orange trunks. This bout, unlike the previous, is a lot slower, more deliberate and measured, less frantic and hysterical. Sometimes though in matches like these - things happen. Unintended things that turn out to be sexy turn-ons for the viewer even though that was not the intention of the wrestlers. An eye of the beholder thing. Such a happening occurs in the first fall. With his knee Rod Hammer is trying to weaken Dirk's lower back area. His leg happens to be straddling Dirk's ass. His lower knee is jammed into Dirk's asscrack and the back of his foot is banging on Dirk's balls. Wow - the visuals you can get with this action in slo-mo!! And later his feet do the same thing to Dirk's cock. This action is quite rapid but with freeze frame and slo-mo you can enjoy it to your heart's content.


Scene 3, JIMMY ROYCE VS. BRIAN WARLIN (29:26 min)
Royce: 5'10",180#, 22. Warlin: 6'1", 210#, 22. Your favorite oil rassler is back, Jimmy Royce. His opponent, Brian Warlin, manages to win the first fall with a combination full nelson/body scissors. It hasn't been an easy win because Jimmy Royce has given him a real run for his money, putting him in a variety of holds, including shoving one of the souls of his feet up against Brian's balls and cock. In the second fall at one point Jimmy again uses his feet to humiliate and hurt Brian. He has him in an arm stretch and he's rubbing his feet all over the side of Brian's face. He switches to a double arm stretch from behind and manages to wrap his feet around Brian's throat, choking him. Brian punishes Jimmy some more in the second fall including trapping him in a surfboard, bow and arrow, double hammer, and shoving a foot into his asscrack. Jimmy retaliates by shoving his own foot up Brian's asscrack and securing him in a very painful camel clutch. Jimmy extracts a submission by exerting maximum pressuring in bending back Brian's neck. It's all even going into the third fall. Brian starts out strong. He makes Jimmy suffer in a Japanese Choke and a full nelson. But Jimmy comes back strong and later he humiliates Brian some more with facial foot rubbing. A Jimmy Royce sleeper cuts short any chance of victory in Brian's debut. You'll note the oil becomes heavier on the trunks as the match goes on - ultimately outlining for all to see the individual cocks of the grapplers and their exact sizes.


Scene 4, JOHN ST. JAMES VS. ERIC SINCLAIR (25:02 min)
St. James: 5'7",145#, 24. Sinclair: 5'6",160#, 22. If you enjoy on the mat wrestling with each grappler showing you the skills he possesses, the interplay of the holds as each tries to maneuver the other into a submission, with the element of oil making things much more difficult, this matchup will be your pleasure. And, as an added element, this bout features a verbal match. St. James is always good for a quip or two, but this time he is out shouted and out talked by Sinclair. Sinclair has nice cut-up, compact muscularity and he looks real good grappling on the mat with the oil glistening off his physique. And wonder of wonders, John St. James actually wins this matchup in two straight falls.